Get your jewellery repaired the right way

Do you have items of jewellery that you love but can no longer wear because they need repair? Perhaps the clasp is broken, or some of the stones need to be reset. Repairing your jewellery is usually a much better option than buying a replacement item. Not only does repairing jewellery allow you to show off items that have a particular sentimental value, but it means that you can wear the items of jewellery that you have already selected to match your style and the clothes that you possess.

You have selected your jewellery with care, so why spend hours hunting for another perfect piece to go with your wardrobe when a simple repair will let you use a piece of jewellery that you already have?

Locating the jewellery repair shop

Don't risk further damaging your precious pieces of jewellery by putting them in the hands of someone you don't trust. Your jewellery should only be entrusted to someone who you are sure has the right skills to restore your jewellery to it's shining, sparkling best. You must be certain you will receive your jewellery back in perfect condition. Talk to the repair expert before you commit to them. You can even ask to see samples of their completed work. 

What type of repair do you need?

It's not just about the quality of the repair. Not every jewellery repair shop has the skills or equipment to undertake every type of jewellery repair; they may be highly skilled at repairing broken clasps, but unable to reset a loose stone. Before committing your special item to the shop, you need to be sure that they have the right experience to complete the necklace repair, ring resizing or stone resetting that you need.

While a simple clasp repair should be within the capabilities of most shops, if you need a more complex restringing, you may need to look for a specialist repair shop.

How long will the jewellery repair take?

Before you leave your jewellery with the shop you should always check when it will be ready for collection. Minor repairs such as broken links or clasp repairs may be able to be fixed while you wait, but more complicated repairs will take a longer time, so make sure you know when your piece will be ready for pick up. 

Whatever type of jewellery repair you need it is important that you have full confidence that the repair centre you choose will be able to complete your jewellery repair to you full satisfaction in a time frame that has been agreed between you and the repair shop.