Essential Requirements for a Jetty Rebuild

If you are a businessperson in the hotel industry providing accommodation and boat services, then altering your jetty might be the best strategy to attract clients. Jetties offer boat owners an opportunity to access your facility while ensuring the safety of vessels. Therefore, a well-rebuilt pier that meets local council standards, as well as the needs of your clients, is something worth considering. While it will cost you money, the potential an aesthetically appealing and structurally stable jetty has is not debatable. The chances are that you will notice an improvement and growth in your business. However, before hiring a jetty builder, you need to know a couple of things to avoid paying for substandard work.

Application Fee -- Most businesses that own a jetty do not know that application for a jetty rebuild attracts a fee from the local council. When you are looking for the services of a jetty builder, always remember that the fee they will charge you is exclusive of the council's application fee. If you pay the builder upfront and later claim that your payment should have taken care of the application fee, the authorities will hear none of it. The builders are not supposed to apply for a jetty rebuild on your behalf. Therefore, it is prudent to know, from the relevant department at your local council, the exact amount that you are required to pay. Doing so will ensure that your jetty rebuild does not get interrupted by authorities and that you do not pay hefty penalties.

Attach Detailed Plan of Proposed Structure -- A plan detailing every structure that will be erected at a site is critical to deciding if a jetty rebuild will be approved or not. Local councils require that native flora and fauna should not be interfered with by any rebuilding works. For instance, if your jetty is on coastal dunes that are relatively loose, rebuilding it might affect the dunes stability thereby triggering erosion. Also, if a plan indicates that the location of the project will change the way of life of native animals, then you will be denied approval. Ensure that a plan is prepared by a qualified structural engineer for integrity purposes.

Copy of Recent Identification Survey -- Identification surveys are carried out every once in a while at the request of landowners just to make sure they are not breaking land laws. When applying for a jetty rebuild, you are required to attach a copy of a recent identification survey. The survey should, however, not be more than two years old because alterations to land demarcations happen all the time. Additionally, it should be prepared by a qualified surveyor and show the relationship of proposed structures to the mean high water mark.