Two tips for those who want to have their hairdressing salon redecorated

If you want to redecorate your hairdressing salon, here are a few tips that you may want to keep in mind.

Have the walls painted rather than wallpapered

If the walls of your premises are in poor condition and you are trying to decide if you should have some painters add a few coats of fresh colour or get them wallpapered, you might want to opt for the former. Whilst a colourful, patterned sheet of wallpaper can look very striking, it is not a great idea to hang wallpaper in a hairdressing salon.

Over the course of a typical day, your employees will probably use blow-dryers to dry and style the hair of several different clients. When they do this, some of the hot air that emerges from these hair tools may end up being directed at the walls in front of the clients' seats. If these walls are covered in wallpaper, being routinely exposed to this hot air could gradually cause the glue that adheres the paper to the walls to soften. This, in turn, could cause the wallpaper to slowly peel off, which could possibly give your premises a shabby appearance and could be expensive to have fixed.

As such, it is best to hire some painters and have them paint the walls instead. Provided they use paint that is designed for use in warm, humid environments (i.e. bathroom or kitchen paint), it should be able to withstand the daily exposure to the heat and steam from your employees' hair tools without sustaining damage. Reach out to painters to learn more.

Opt for vinyl flooring

In a hairdressing salon, it is best to opt for vinyl flooring. There are a couple of reasons why this flooring is ideal for use in this type of business premises.

Firstly, when paired with a foam underlay, vinyl flooring feels very soft and comfortable underfoot. This is crucial, as you and your employees will spend most of the day on your feet and may find that you feel tired and sore if the flooring is made from an excessively hard material.

Secondly, vinyl flooring is very durable. This, too, is important, as the floors in your salon will be subjected to a lot of foot traffic for several hours each day. As such, if you opt for a less-robust form of flooring, it will soon begin to show signs of wear and have to be replaced.