Key Areas to Grow Palmetto Turf

When choosing lawn grass to grow on your property, it is vital to know precisely which type of grass is the best for specific areas on your property. For instance, some turfs are designed to withstand high foot traffic, while others cannot handle as much foot traffic. However, two types of lawn grasses cannot be used in the same area. Nonetheless, Palmetto turf is one of the best low-maintenance grasses, and this article highlights possible areas on your property where the grass does well. Read on.  

Swimming Pool -- The first area that needs low-maintenance turf, such as Palmetto turf, is the swimming pool area. Think for a minute what would happen if you lay fast-growing lawn grass next to a swimming pool. First, you would need to schedule mowing services every other week and that means some grass might be blown into the pool. Consequently, you end up doing double cleaning: the lawn and the swimming pool. Besides, it would be challenging to use the swimming pool if you had to mow the grass every two weeks. Palmetto turf, on the other hand, grows slowly and low; therefore, you do not have to mow the lawn frequently. Grass that grows low also feels great underneath the feet, and this makes low-maintenance turf the best for a swimming pool area.  

Unpaved Backyards -- If your yard doesn't have paving, then you need lawn turf that can withstand extended exposure to the elements. Palmetto grass offers precisely this property due to its ability to withstand rough handling. For instance, since your backyard lacks paving, people have to stand and walk on the grass at all times. Palmetto turf has broad, rough-textured leaves that don't wear easily even under high foot traffic. Therefore, if you are struggling to find the right design for your lawn, it is better to grow Palmetto turf first. It will keep the soil fresh and leave your property looking lush.  

Shaded Area -- Trees or shade sails can provide the necessary shade during those hot summer afternoons when all you want is sit under shade on your lawn. However, shades can be very unforgiving to certain types of turfs due to the reduced amount of sunlight. If the grass cannot make enough food, it weakens and dies. Palmetto grass performs excellently even under shaded regions, and it does not show any signs of weakness. Even if the shade sails are permanent, Palmetto turf will still grow nicely and healthy so long as the grass gets a little bit of sunlight at various angles.

These are some of the reasons why Palmetto turf may be the right choice for your lawn.