Why Your Company's Document Destruction Should Not Be A DIY Endeavour

Irrespective of your line of business, you doubtless have sensitive documents that you would not want to get into the wrong hands. Whether it is data on your customers, your financial data or other types of information, it is best to have this type of paperwork destroyed when it is no longer of use rather than storing it and risking theft. Thus, you may have come across new-age shredding devices at your local hardware store and think that this is the answer to your document destruction needs. However, document shredding at a corporate level should never be taken lightly, as any mistakes could translate into dire consequences for your business. The following piece touches on just a few reasons why your company's document destruction should not be a DIY endeavour.

Uphold the security of your business

Undeniably, one of the biggest reasons why you should invest in reputable document destruction services is to ensure your business is not at the threat of a security breach. Professional document shredding is not merely about destroying the paperwork and tossing it in the bin. Instead, these services adhere to strict procedures that function to uphold the security of your business. From the moment that the professionals acquire the paperwork you want destroyed, they keep them secured until they are entirely unreadable. Moreover, very few eyes will ever view these documents once the professionals have a hold of them.

Save on costs

As mentioned earlier, document destruction for a company is not just about shredding the paper and throwing it away. The individual that undertakes the destruction process needs to be trained in the right shredding practices. Thus, this means investing money in the acquisition of this knowledge, which eats into your bottom line. Moreover, if you are to fire the employee or they resign, then you have to undertake this training course all over again. Hiring a corporate document destruction service is much more affordable in the long term.

Ensure compliance with regulations

A surprising reason why you should enlist the services of professional document destruction is to keep your company compliant with potential government requirements. If you are not careful, you might accidentally destroy documents that you are actually required to preserve for a time. For instance, limited companies are required to save fiscal records for a specific duration. If you destroy these records prematurely, you could be in legal trouble. A document destruction business will advise you on which sensitive documents need to be saved and what paperwork can be shredded.

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