4 Top Reasons to Use Pine Sawdust as Chicken Bedding

Working with wood generates a lot of sawdust. Most times, people do not know what to do with this sawdust. Therefore, the wood chipping ends up in the trash. But there are many ways you can use pine sawdust. One great use of sawdust is for chicken coop bedding. The best sawdust to use is the one from pine due to the many benefits it offers. Some reasons why you should consider using pine sawdust for your chicken bed are given in the article.

Pine Encourages Dry Bedding

Pine shavings tend to be dry and absorbent over other kinds of sawdust. A porous material is beneficial for your chicken bedding. That is because chicken poop tends to be moist. Thus, it does not take much to end up with a rotting and stinky mess. Absorbent bedding helps to reduce the bad smell in the coop. So you will not have to worry about changing the litter all the time. 

They Are Comfortable

Fresh pine shavings tend to dry and soft. You will notice your chickens enjoying when you place the pine sawdust for the first time. The great feeling can even promote the laying of eggs in your chickens. The pine shavings can stay fresh for up to a few days. If you are dealing with a small coop, you may only need to change the pine sawdust once in a week. 

It Is Easy To Store Pine Shavings

When you buy pine sawdust, it will likely come in large bags. Many local farm stores offer large bags of these shavings. However, you can also find the material online. After using what you need, you can store the remnants in the garage. But avoid placing them directly on the ground to prevent rodents from getting to them. 

Apart from that, you do not need any special storage considerations to make. Your pine sawdust will remain okay until you need to use it again. 

Pine Sawdust Is Great For Deep Litter

Lastly, many people in rural areas who keep chickens prefer using the deep litter method. With this method, you do not change the litter more than twice in a year. Once the shavings start getting stinky, you add in more pine sawdust. With the deep litter, you mix in the new bedding instead of replacing it. 

The process promotes more warmth during cold winter months. Also, such bedding can offer great compost for your garden. Pine shavings are great for the deep litter bedding as they can quickly breakdown. Also, you can use the pine bedding for your garden compost since it is organic.