4 Reasons Timber-Look Tiles Are Easier To Maintain

There's no doubt that timber flooring is beautiful, but it's also high maintenance. Timber is not only expensive but hard to keep clean and is easy to scratch. That's why many businesses are opting for a more affordable alternative that still looks like real wood—timber-look tiles. Here are four reasons these porcelain tiles are easier to maintain than their real wood counterparts:

1. Timber-Look Tiles Don't Fade In The Sun

Timber floors can fade when exposed to sun or moisture, which affects both the colour and the texture of the boards. Timber-look tiles offer you the same gorgeous tones as natural timber without any of the disadvantages of fading. Choose from a range of medium to dark tones that won't fade over time and enjoy a long-lasting style.

2. Timber-Look Tiles Are Water-Resistant 

One of the best things about timber-look tiles is that they're water-resistant. This means you won't have to worry about water damage or mould growth if your home gets flooded or if you spill something on them by accident. Since wood swells when it absorbs moisture, it can warp or bend over time. Timber-look tiles such as lappato tiles won't have this problem since it is essentially a type of ceramic or porcelain tile with a printed pattern that mimics wood grain. It is also less likely to fade in sunlight since the colours are baked into each piece during manufacturing rather than painted on top as real wood planks would be. 

3. Timber-Look Tiles Won't Be Infested By Termites

Termites can cause a lot of costly damage, and they can live inside your property undetected until they're already causing serious harm. They eat through wood, leaving behind empty tunnels that can cause major structural problems which can be costly for a business to repair. Timber-look tiles aren't attractive food sources for these pests, so they won't be tempted to make your home their new home.

4. Timber-Look Tiles Don't Scratch Easily

Wooden floors are prone to scratches and scuffs from regular use and wear. Things like heavy wear or moving furniture around can leave marks on your business flooring. With timber-look tiles, there's no need to worry about this damage as the surface is much stronger than real wood. The glazed finish means you can easily wipe away any dirt and scuff marks without affecting the integrity of your flooring. This makes them a particularly great option for businesses where there is a lot of foot traffic. 

One of the main reasons so many businesses choose timber-look tiles is because they're easier to maintain than real timber flooring. For more benefits of timber-look tiles and lappato tiles, chat with an expert today.