Why You Need Special Drivers for Certain Types of LED Light

If you want to install LED strip lighting at work, you must ensure that it is well-configured and lasts as long as possible. While there are many different types of LED installation, you may not have considered the need to get an LED driver as well. What are these components, and how can you choose them correctly?

Understanding the Need

An LED driver is a device that helps to regulate the power supply so that it can operate an LED strip light. It's essentially a transformer that converts the mains voltage into 24 V, and it can also convert this voltage from AC to DC, where needed for LEDs to work.

LED lights require a consistent direct current if they are to work correctly and for the long term. If you were to remove the driver, the lights might not work or burn out quickly, with the associated risk of fire.

Constant Voltage and Constant Current Drivers

You'll find two different types of LED drivers based on constant voltage or current. The latter will work well with LED strip lights that can manage a range of voltages. The driver will adjust the voltage supplied so that the lights receive a constant current and these drivers work particularly well with high-powered bulbs.

The constant voltage driver will work where the lights receive a fixed 24 V while a resistor regulates the current. You should talk with your bulb supplier to see what type of driver you need based on your LED lighting plan.

Installation Requirements

It is possible to get drivers that you simply plug in by yourself and where you don't need any prior electrical experience. Otherwise, you should look for professionally configured drivers that will need to be hardwired and have to bring in a professional electrician to help.

Matching the Wattage

You also need to match the "wattage" of the driver based on your lighting system configurations. Refer to the system specification first to help you choose a driver that can easily cope with the demand.

Other Things to Take into Account

Finally, don't forget to choose the right type of LED driver if you intend to install dimmable LED strip lights. These drivers will automatically reduce the power supplied when you adjust the dial. Note that these come in leading-edge or trailing-edge options, and it's best to consult with your supplier to ensure that you make the right choice.

Contact a professional for more information on drivers—such as 24V LED drivers.