4 Reasons You Should Choose Fibre Cement Cladding For Your Farm Building

If you are planning to construct a new farm building, you may not have considered using fibre cement cladding on the exterior. Fibre cement cladding offers a number of benefits which are discussed below. Read on to find out more about fibre cement products.

Fibre cement is fireproof

Fire is a significant risk on any farm. The combination of fuel for machinery, chemical fertilisers, and large qualities of hay and other flammable material mean that it is very easy for a fire to take hold which could destroy your property. Fibre cement is fireproof, which means it can help to protect a building which would otherwise be at risk from the effect of fire.

Fibre cement encourages ventilation

Unlike other materials which are used to clad buildings such as steel and vinyl, fibre cement allows air to move from the exterior of the building into the interior and vice versa. This is because fibre cement is a porous substance. This is especially important if you are planning to clad a farm building which will be used to keep livestock. For example, a large group of cows will generate a lot of heat and methane gas. If this heat and gas cannot dissipate, conditions within the farm building are likely to become very unpleasant. If animals overheat, their health could potentially be put at risk. Ventilation is also very important if a building is used to store compost. As the organic material in the compost pile begins to decay, it can generate harmful gasses. In an enclosed space the build of these gases could place the health of anyone who enters.

Fibre cement is very durable

Because fibre cement contains strips of fibres, it is much stronger than cladding made of pure cement. The fibres within the cement help the cladding to retain its shape and structural integrity, reducing the impact of damage caused by environmental factors such as heavy rain and high temperatures.

Fibre cement is pest resistant

Typically, there are greater numbers of pests in rural areas than in towns and cities. For this reason, it is always important to ensure that any structures are pest resistant. Fibre cement can help to protect the side of a wooden barn by forming a barrier which will prevent woodworm and other pests which feed on wood away. There is no type of pest which can burrow or eat its way through concrete.

If you would like to find out more, you should contact a fibre cement company today.