Modern Features of Self Storage Units

Just like many other sectors of the economy, the storage unit industry is being revolutionised by advancements in technology. In the past, most storage units were simple structures that contained empty enclosed spaces and were secured using a simple lock/key combination. These storage units were simply suited for keeping your items away for a certain amount of time.

Nowadays, people need self storage units for many different reasons. They may need extra space for their items, or they may just prefer the convenience of certain types of possessions being in a storage unit. Whatever the reason, storage units are beginning to incorporate modern features that make them easier and more reliable to use.

Advanced Design and Construction Techniques

Modern storage units are no longer made of four walls and a concrete floor. Advanced designs are being incorporated that contain special flooring, plastered walls and shelving for the proper placement of your items. Rather than the traditional concrete flooring, newer units have tile, timber or laminate floors to keep your items safer in varied weather conditions.

They also contain walls with better insulation to prevent leaking and freezing during rain, snow or cold. Some storage units are carpeted to provide a soft surface for delicate and fragile items. 

More effective locking systems

In storage units, security is always a top concern. That is why modern units have replaced traditional locks with more advanced locking systems. These units now use electronic locking mechanisms or combination systems that don't require the use of physical keys.

Electronic locks require you to input a specific code so you can open the storage unit. These locks can keep a log of who has been visiting the unit over a period of time, allowing you to access the log and determine who was able to enter the unit and when.

Remote surveillance

Modern storage units are also equipped with remote surveillance capabilities where you can receive a notification when the unit is accessed. The structure of the unit is equipped with sensors that can integrate with mobile applications or centralised control systems.

Therefore, you or the storage unit staff can receive notifications of any attempts at accessing the unit. Remote surveillance gives you peace of mind that your valuables are well taken care of.

Preventative Maintenance on each unit

Because oversight of the storage unit is made easier by technology, self storage companies can now make sure all their facilities are working well and ready for you to use.

They can implement preventative maintenance to carry out any necessary repairs to storage units before you hire the space. This means that you no longer have to worry about ending up with a faulty unit when you come looking.