How to Avoid Disaster When Buying a Surprise Engagement Ring

More and more newly-engaged couples are choosing to go shopping for a ring together. A lot of people view the process as something both should have some input into – after all, the one who'll be wearing the ring all the time is the one who, traditionally, wouldn't get to decide what it looks like. There are still plenty of couples who prefer to do things old-school, opting for tradition over modernity because there's seems to be something romantic about doing things the way their parents and grandparents most likely did.

4 Reasons You Should Choose Fibre Cement Cladding For Your Farm Building

If you are planning to construct a new farm building, you may not have considered using fibre cement cladding on the exterior. Fibre cement cladding offers a number of benefits which are discussed below. Read on to find out more about fibre cement products. Fibre cement is fireproof Fire is a significant risk on any farm. The combination of fuel for machinery, chemical fertilisers, and large qualities of hay and other flammable material mean that it is very easy for a fire to take hold which could destroy your property.

3 Things to Consider When Positioning a Truck Mounted Attenuator

A truck-mounted attenuator or TMA is designed to protect a road crew working on a road with active lanes of traffic by absorbing the energy of any vehicles which inadvertently enter the work zone and crash into it. The idea is that the TMA should first act as a warning device, which is why most TMAs are fitted with bright lights and high visibility paint. Secondly, the TMA is designed to crumple and absorb the shock of an impact and prevent any vehicle from reaching the crew who are at work in the road.